I am on a mission to create healthy and natural soaps!

I am sensitive to chemicals. So that's where Ninet Essentials was born from; my own sensitivities! 


Talking to others about these issues has made me realize it's not just me, though! Many people I have talked to suffer from reoccurring hive outbreaks, acne, eczema, and many other skin issues. Many of these issues I believe stem from the use of products laced with chemicals, foods riddled with pesticides, and food intolerances. My mission is to make the purest products possible.

About Ninet Essentials

Welcome! My name is Marylin. I handcraft my soaps using the slow cold process & Hot process method. The products I create are made from Lye, natural butters, oils, and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. The saponification process creates a beautiful and nourishing soap bar.

My name is Marylin! Ninet Essentials
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I DO NOT use:

*Parabens or Petroleum Products

*SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfates

*Harmful Chemical Additives


*None of my products are EVER tested on animals!

I DO use:

*Organic and natural ingredients

*High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.These actually contain healing parts of the plants they are derived from

*Organic Extra Virgin/Cold Pressed, Butters and Oils

*Mineral rich Salts

*Raw Organic Honey, full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amazing healing properties




How it's made?

Cold Process soaps are made in a traditional method that produces a natural and gentle soap. Oils are combined with the lye water mixture so that the oil and lye molecules can combine to make something new; Soap! I make all of my soaps with 2% to 5% superfat content. This means that 2% or more of the luxurious oils that I add are left in the soap to nourish your skin. The end result is a creamy lather, beautiful bubbles, and a pure soap that will nourish your skin whether you have oily skin, dry skin or suffer from acne or eczema.

At the Process:

Every product is made from scratch.

Each soap is individually handmade, packaged and designed, making each one a unique & very personal soap.

Small batches made by hand.

All Essentials Oils Soaps are made naturally. I used most of the time organic, natural butters and oils to make the soaps. All colorants are spices, roots powders, ash such as activated charcoal, or natural clays. 

I make all Seasonal Soaps in the most natural way possible. I used Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils, natural butters and oils. All colorants are spices, roots powders, natural clays, micas, or iron oxides.

I hope you enjoy them as I enjoy making them!